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I have a law practice, but I have also been involved in real estate development. The law business, which is my main business, is pretty typical. You attend law school, get some experience and start working for a law firm or a law office, and sometimes you are content doing that. But in my case my parents, who are immigrants from Greece, always emphasized getting out there and opening your own business.

Evans Agrapidis was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Inspirery. He primarily shared insights he has learned throughout his career as an attorney at law.

For more than 30 years, Evans Agrapidis has been a partner in his law firm Agrapidis & Maroules in the State of New Jersey, specializing in personal injury cases.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects businesses and their employees in the case of on-the-job injuries. Each state sets the value that an employee can collect if they lose wages due to the accident, go through medical and rehabilitation expenses, or experience a fatal injury.

It is common knowledge that injuries are diagnosed by a doctor through an examination and perhaps x-rays. This step can tell you the extent of the injury in order to determine a treatment plan to get better. But what about when an incident involves a legal claim and compensation comes into question?

When in business or in personal life, disputes will happen. And while there are many different ways of taking legal action when a disagreement occurs, it’s often possible to avoid costly litigation or facing the court of law by resolving issues using Alternative Dispute Resolution, otherwise known as ADR.

Evans Agrapidis, an attorney at law in the states of New Jersey and New York, spoke about how he has professionally adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic in a recent interview with Thrive Global. For more than 32 years, Evans Agrapidis has been a partner with his law firm Agrapidis and Maroules, specializing in personal injury cases.

Evans Agrapidis, an attorney at law and senior partner of Agrapidis & Maroules, spoke about how he has successfully developed his business and shaped his career over the past three decades in a recent interview with DotCom Magazine.

Evans Agrapidis is the Senior Partner of Agrapidis & Maroules, Evans is a thought leader, influencer, visionary, and successful entrepreneur. Evans provides the leadership and energy that has inspired the creation of Agrapidis & Maroules.

A huge number of variables go into placing a dollar value on a personal injury claim. Every case is different, but there are common factors that may increase or decrease the compensation you can receive through a settlement or a jury trial.

The law firm of Agrapidis and Maroules P.C. (previously Leanza and Agrapidis) has been in business for over 30 years. The team at Agrapidis and Maroules have handled more than 12,000 accident and injury cases. The offices are located in Jersey City on John F.Kennedy Blvd. and on State Highway Route 17 in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.

According to data published by the National Safety Council, which is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, in 2018, approximately 4.4 million people were injured so severely in a motor vehicle accident that they required medical attention or hospitalization.

While volunteers come from all backgrounds and walks of life, there is one factor that unifies all of them regardless of whether they are helping to clean up a local park, offering some essential TLC to rescued animals, or carrying out any other worthy and often vital activity: they are getting far, far more than they are giving.

When the industrial revolution took hold of American manufacturing in the late nineteenth century and ushered in an era of bigger, faster, and more complex workplace machinery, the lives of millions of everyday workers in the United States became more dangerous.

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“Because our business revolves around personal injury cases it has been impacted greatly.  People are not out and about, working or driving or shopping, so when we’re in lockdown mode, business is reduced significantly. Our business was reduced especially during the three lockdown months in our area.”

In any given year, hundreds of thousands of workers across the country will get hurt on the job, causing many of them to file a workers’ compensation claim. In fact, according to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 there were more than 888,000 illnesses and injuries reported by private businesses that forced an employee to miss at least one day of work.

Everyone knows that being found officially at fault for a major motor collision is harmful in several ways. Inevitably, it will increase a person’s insurance premiums, and perhaps lead to their insurance company totally halting coverage. But in the state of New Jersey, there is another substantial consequence: it can affect the amount of money a person can claim from their insurance policy or seek damages for in lawsuits against others. In this context, it is easy to understand why culpability matters.

Automobile collisions are an unfortunate fact of modern life. According to the online business data platform Statista, in 2018—the most recent year from which comprehensive statistics are available—some 6.7 million passenger cars were involved in traffic crashes in the United States. Nearly all of these involved property damage of some sort, and a large percentage involved bodily harm, permanent injury, and fatality.

In 1988, New Jersey adopted its first version of the Verbal Threshold law ( also known as the Lawsuit Threshold ) which made it more difficult for Garden State residents involved in automobile collisions to sue any individuals or entities that might bear some responsibility for their resulting injuries.

It happens thousands of times each year; due to poor conditions like an icy sidewalk, torn carpeting, inadequate lighting, or a loose railing, an unsuspecting person trips or tumbles and seriously hurts themselves on someone else’s property. 

Typical, run-of-the-mill traffic accidents are complicated enough. There are a myriad of variables involved; driver accounts, passenger accounts, witness accounts, insurance evaluations, police reports, attorney actions, and so on and so forth

Evans C. Agrapidis, Founder of Agrapidis & Maroules law firm, takes great pride in the accomplishments of the firm he has built spanning over thirty years. The firm specializes in personal injury law, and has championed thousands of cases for a wide variety of clients over the years. 

Among the most challenging cases that Evans Agrapidis of Jersey City, New Jersey, a personal injury and accident lawyer and the founder of Agrapidis & Maroules law firm, handles involve the wrongful death of a loved one. Agrapidis & Maroules has two locations in the New Jersey Area, one in Jersey City on John F. Kennedy Blvd., and the other on State Highway Route 17 in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.